Keeping Your Computer Virus Free: A Guide

Keeping Your Computer Virus Free: A Guide

2 Benefits of Hosted Desktop Services

Sandra Butler

Your company may be small right now but that doesn't mean you want it to stay that way. You have specific staged growth plans in place. As you establish your business and start to make more money, you want to expand.

However, right now, you can't afford to waste money on things you don't need. This makes it tricky to implement an effective IT system that works the way you want it. If you can't afford a state-of-the-art system just yet you probably still want a good solution so you won't be held back by something that will give you upgrade costs every time your business grows.

Hosted desktop services could help you out. These services give you access to robust cloud-based technology solutions by paying for usage rather than implementation. This kind of system has some scalability benefits that might interest you. What are they?

Add Users as You Grow

You may not employ many people right now but, if things go according to plan, your business could have more employees in the future. If you run your own IT system, then you may quickly reach a point where the number of users you have exceeds the capability and capacity of the system. If this happens, then you may need to overhaul your system completely. Upgrade and replacement costs can be expensive, especially if you have to do it more than once if your company really takes off.

If you use a hosted desktop service, then you simply add employees to the system as you hire them. The system is big enough to cope. You typically pay on a per-user basis, so your IT costs won't skyrocket at any stage.

Upscale Systems Easily

As your business establishes itself and grows, you may find that the IT systems you started off with are no longer a good fit. They may not offer all the functions and features you need as you expand into new markets, for example. Switching to new systems can be costly; you also need to ensure that they are compatible with your core IT set-up. If you use hosted services, then you can pick and choose which systems you use without any compatibility concerns. If you need to drop one and upgrade to another, then this could be a much more seamless process.

To learn more about the scalability benefits of using hosted desktop services, contact hosting companies and ask about their services.


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